Virtual Reality

Immerse your students in virtual learning environments

Intro2outro Video productions are early adopters of Virtual Reality as we understand the potential of creating exciting immersive training for students.We have a dedicated professional VR team. Virtual reality (VR) video is completely different to traditional video. Sound design, production design, professional acting, designing space and special post production techniques are all required to produced effective immersive VR training.The following are some examples of virtual reality training we provide that organisations and students can benefit from;

  • Training people in different types of machinery operation in which the cost is very high to run and maintain the equipment.
  • Dangerous to perform training; such as training workers on WHS in difficult and dangerous workplace scenarios or training emergency workers.
  • Training environments that are difficult to simulate in a classroom. For example, first aid training.
  • Industry experts; can be interviewed in virtual reality when the student puts on the headset it’s like being inside that space with them.
  • Any type of training whereby students benefit from an immersive real life scenarios

We offer the following virtual reality services:

  • Full VR production with a team of content experts, award winning learning designers, professional actors, production crew, director, post production
  • Creation of branded app with multiple training scenarios and menu choices, labels text, images, and links to other scenes.
  • Learning design to create an immersive learning experience aligned to your learning and course outcomes.
  • App can be used on all major VR platforms, Samsung Gear VR, IOS, Android, Web VR, PlayStation VR, Google Cardboard etc.



First Aid:
A first aid app would have a menu with links to DRSABCD, Casualty Assessment, Emergency Action Principles etc. Once the student clicks into these scenarios, they will be immersed into this environment. They could then make choices within this environment (scene). These could be the correct choice that moves them to a different scene or an incorrect choice that leads to a typical fail scenario.

Virtual Reality Campus Tour:
Create a virtual reality tour through your campuses for prospective and current students. This could be on an app or made accessible to anyone through YouTube 360 videos.

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