You can now use your smartphone to make videos like the Pros!

Learn to create powerful video content that will engage your audience and
boost your profit

I'm excited! Learnt lots of tips and tricks, had a chance to practice and got proven techniques from practical video makers.

Annabel Wood
Small business owner

These courses are a great opportunity to learn how to create professional-looking and inexpensive video content with just a smartphone

Hans Schwedler


The popularity of video content continues to grow, the latest Cisco report says that 74% of all internet data used in 2019 will be via this medium. However, even though we all now have access to smartphones with professional video capabilities, many of us do not feel confident getting in front of the camera.

I worked behind the camera for many years and when I had to get in front of the camera, I experienced the same fear and anxiety that I saw many of my clients go through. This experience allowed me to create this unique course that combines all the professional techniques and tips needed to create professional looking video along with the methods and practice needed to feel confident and
present naturally in front of the camera.

Our workshops and courses are a great opportunity to learn how to create professional video content that will engage your customers and boost your sales! 


3 Courses + Bonus: How to present like a Pro, Look amazing on video, Take an interview + Editing course for free!

Feel like you are under a microscope in front of a camera, don't know how or where to start, don't like to see or hear yourself on video? Start with this course!

3 Courses + Bonus: How to set up lighting, Create amazing sound and Compose your video + Editing course for free!

Learn some rules and tricks which will help not only tell your stories in a more effective way, but also to control your visual messages. Click the button below to learn more!

6 courses + bonus + PDF. All you need to create powerful video content that will engage your audience and boost profit!

3 experts will share their experience about lighting, sound, make up and dress, tools to use to take your video to the next level. Click to learn more!


Paul D King,
Director Intro2outro Video Productions Co Ltd.

An experienced teacher, videographer and founder of Intro2Outro visual stories production in Sydney. To create this course I have combined more than 20 years experience in the education industry with my huge passion for video production and desire to share my knowledge with keen learners like you!

I would like to personally invite you to join me in learning how to create amazing smartphone videos from scratch, present naturally and confidently to camera and use professional tricks to get the best results.

PS Feel free to shoot me an email at if you need anything at all.


"Before the training I had a lot of problems with creating videos. But now I am able to create professional looking videos in a step by step approach"
Annabel Wood

"Thoroughly recommend this course to anyone making quick videos to put up on youtube, lots of  tips that will make a huge difference for your new video"
Shane de Vorstenbosch

"I have learnt so many tips at the workshop and now feel quite confident not just producing videos for Facebook but also in other areas of my business."
Bernadette Janson

"I  struggled just to get the phone going, but it's been a good training and I've learnt a lot. I become more confident and now I'm going to get out and do more videos. "
Hans Schwedler

"I'd recommend this course for those that need testimonials, interviews, product recommendations. The training was super and good fun tooI"
Andrea Cass

"I really enjoyed the smartphone video workshop and got a lot out of it."
Jeanette Stepanek

"I never knew how to do a video for my business before and felt nervous about getting in front of a camera. Now it is way more easy to get started"
Jackie Brown

"The workshop made a huge difference for me. I would recommend this course to anyone presenting to social media or anyone in the online space, even for home videos, every person in business should be doing this smartphone video course."
Janet Dougherty