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Jan 19

Visual Story – Hand held shooting style on a smartphone

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The smartphone can be used for many different video styles such as shooting a visual story. The visual story shown in this video use short clips that are similar to b-roll footage with music added that tells a visual story. B-roll is alternative footage intercut with the main shot. For example when a presenter is talking about something this can be shown visually with b-roll. This helps to make the video more interesting.

This video was shot in 20 minutes on a Nexus 6P using Open camera app and edited on the phone with PowerDirector app. This was produced as an example to show one of the many styles that can be created using a smartphone. All the shots were hand-held which created a dynamic look. The lift and elevators were used to create some interesting moving shots. On a professional shoot, we would normally use sliders and possibly cranes and a dolly to create movement.

The presenter part of the video was filmed with natural lighting. For the key light (main light) an open window was used and for the fill light (light to fill in shadow from key light) we used a white reflector placed to my right that bounced the key light onto my left side and softened the shadows. I could also have used a back light to separate me more from the background, but did not have one available at the time.

They say that the best camera is the one you have on you, and we all have our smartphones with us. If we know how to use a smartphone like a professional we can create great looking videos wherever we go.

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Sep 09

Case Study – TAFE Optometry

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Intro2Outro was recently commissioned to create instructional videos for the Health Services Teaching section at Western Sydney TAFE. We focused on producing 3 original videos for Optometry students.

Teacher and presenter Steve Daras from Western Sydney TAFE was able to bring his unique personality into the presentations. He was later able to use the videos he took part in at the EyeQ 2016 National Conference, sharing:

Optimal Plier Tips
Heating – adjustment Optical dispensing

EyeQ is a private group of about 60 optometry practitioners and their staff. After Steve made his presentations, Senior EyeQ Board Member Ray Fortesque recommended to the board of directors that all staff are sent to train with Steve at TAFE due to his status as an “expert of optical dispensing training”.

Steve’s feedback to Intro2Outro was to thank us for our professional work and state that the quality of video production was instrumental in TAFE gaining the recommendation of the EyeQ Board. The staff at Intro2Outro are all looking forward to working with Steve again in the future.

May 26

3 must have videos for your small business

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If you only make three videos to promote your content, make it these

  • Business Explainer Video
    Pure and simple, this video shows prospects what you do. Once you have started with a ‘hook’ and explained that you understand their problem, the next step is to introduce the solution your business provides and to follow it up with a clear call to action.

This clip should be no more than two – three minutes long. It will sit on top of your homepage and can also be distributed across social media and other mediums to promote your business and educate your clients.

  • FAQs  
    Do you find you are answering the same questions from clients over and over? The simple solution to reduce the amount of time you spend with new prospects is to record a video that answers these questions and positions you as an expert.

    There is a simple way to structure FAQ videos: a question and answer, then a call to action. We call it the 10 by 10 approach. Firstly, start with ten of your most frequently asked client or prospect’s questions. Follow this up with 10 questions your clients should be asking (questions that educate them on why you are different) e.g. why they shouldn’t shop around on price rather have their problem solved straight away.

    At Intro2Outro, we can film 5-10 FAQ videos in one shoot. Some business owners prefer not to use a script. If you do have a script, we can provide a teleprompter so you can look directly at the camera, similar to a someone reading the news. These videos can then be released over a period of time on social platforms, youtube and your website. This bundle approach saves you money and won’t take up too much of your time.

Get in touch for an FAQ video package quote today.

  • Testimonials

One of the biggest hurdles for small business owners is getting customers to believe your claims.

The most powerful way to do this is to show them someone who has been in their situation and to have that person explain how well their problem has been solved.

The great thing about testimonial videos is that they can be shot anywhere – at a client’s premises, at your business or at an external location.
Here is a basic structure to follow for testimonials:

Before: Ask your client to explain what problems they were facing, why they were getting stuck, why they decided to work with you, how they found you and the deciding factor that made them choose you.

During: Get your client to explain what was it like when they were working with you, the best benefit and the result.

After: Encourage your client to detail wow much of an impact is your help going to have on their future business. What results did they get from the product or service, and what would they say to someone who is in the same position that they were in?

It is cheaper than you think to create professional videos and drive your clients further down the sales funnel. Contact Intro2Outro  for a free quote today.